Thursday, March 01, 2007

Break-open (Nevada) Ticket Lotteries

Brantford Kinsmen Club's - Break-open (Nevada) Ticket Lotteries
Break-open tickets are instant-win lottery tickets also known as pull- tab or Nevada tickets. The Brantford Kinsmen has one and looking for another one location in Brant County to sell Nevada ticket.

Revenue raised through the provincial break-open ticket program (Nevada tickets) assists us to provide programs and services for people living within our regions. Funds are used to provide community assistance, community based activities, non-funded City/County services, community literature, professional development for residence, camps for children and young adults, and many other resources for the Brantford/Brant County.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:.

● Money goes to community charity projects
● Money generated for your business for this service
● Draws more Customers to your establishment
● Customers spend more money when they win at your business
● Customers get better odds than regular lotteries
● Customers appreciate helping the community
● Certificate from Kinsmen in Appreciation

Who wants to be our Nevada Ticket distributator in Brant County. Not only will you be providing greatly needed money for community charities, but your establishment financially profits too.

Please call us at 519.754.0169 for more information.
Or visit our website at:

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