Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bellview Hall Rental
The Bellview Community Center/Hall is owned by the City of Brantford, and operated by Brantford Kinsmen Club.

Bellview boasts to having a beautiful Hall for your event and can be rented for any occasion. It is nessled on the heart of beautiful Eagle Place.

55 Tom Street
Brantford, ON
N3S 2T6
Tel. : 519-752-7623

******* Monies from Hall rentals go to maintain the Hall. *******

The Hall Fully Equiped Kitchen Grounds
Capacity of 150 people Bar/Serving area Hall grounds
are Fenced in
No Smoking 3 Fridges onsite playground
Large main floor 2 stoves 10 parking spaces
Air conditioned Several Sinks - additional parking
Nice size stage Lots of counter space Many large trees
Large Washroom Facilities Coffee pots available Grounds well lite
Fully accessable Microwave for your convience Close to bus routes
Licensed building Telephone access Great Neighbours
Always kept clean Very well lite

Bar closes at 12:30am, Hall must be empty by 1:30am.

If you like more information on Rental of the Bellview Hall.
We would be happy to answer your questions,
Call:(519)754-0169. Or visit our website at:

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